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January 9, 1903 -Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the defunct Baltimore franchise of the American League for $18,000 and then moved the team to Manhattan.

March 12, 1903 -The New York franchise  is approved by the American League. The team's new home is at 168th Street and Broadway. The park was named Hilltop Park, and the team was named the New York Highlanders.

April 22, 1903 -The Highlander's play their first game and lose, 3-1 to Washington.

April 23, 1903 -The New York Highlanders win their first game, a 7-2 win over Washington. Harry Howell was the winning pitcher.

April 30, 1903 -Highlanders win first home game at Hilltop Park. A 6-2 victory over Washington.

April 11, 1912 -Pinstripes first appear on Highlanders' uniforms.

April, 1913 - The Highlanders are officially renamed the "Yankees" and move to the Polo Grounds to play their home games.

January 11, 1915 - Col. Jacob Ruppert and Col. Tillinghast L' Hommedieu Huston purchase the Yankees for $460,000.

April 24, 1917 - George Mogridge becomes the first Yankee to throw a no-hitter. George beat the Red Sox at Fenway Park, 2-1.

January 3, 1920 - The Yankees purchase the contract of Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for $125,00 and a $350,000 loan against the mortgage on Fenway Park.

September, 1921 - The Yankees clinch their first American League Pennant.

May 5, 1922 - Construction begins on Yankee Stadium

May 21, 1922 -Col. Ruppert buys out Col. Huston for $1,500,000.

April 18, 1923 - Yankee Stadium opens as the Yanks beat the Red Sox 4-1. Babe Ruth hit the first Yankee Stadium homerun in front of a reported 74,200 fans.

October 15, 1923 -The Yankees win their first World Series as they defeat the New York Giants.

June 1, 1925 -Lou Gehrig's 2,130 consecutive games played streak begins.

September 30, 1927 -Babe Ruth breaks his own home run record as he hits his 60th homer on the final day of the season.

April 16, 1929 -The Yankees become the first team to make numbers a permanent part of the uniform.

September 25, 1929 -Manager Miller Huggins, who guided the Yankees to their first six American League pennants and three World Championships, dies of blood poisoning.

June 3, 1932 -Lou Gehrig becomes the first player to hit four home runs in a single game. Yankees win the contest 20-13 at Philadelphia.

July 14, 1934 -Babe Ruth hits his 700th home run of his career. The "Bambino" hit it off Tommy Bridges in a 4-2 Yankee win over Detroit. The game was played at Navin Field, in Detroit.

November 21, 1934 -The Yankees purchase Joe DiMaggio from the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. The cost was $50,000.

April 20, 1937 -The Yankees 15th season at Yankee Stadium opens with the right-field stands enlarged to three decks. The wooden bleachers are replaced by a concrete structure with the distance to center field dropping from 490 to 461 feet.

May 30, 1938 -A franchise-record crowd of 81,841 attend a Yankee doubleheader sweep of the Boston Red Sox.

May 2, 1939 -Lou Gehrig's playing streak of 2,130 consecutive games ends when he does no make an appearance in a 22-2 Yankees' win at Detroit. Babe Dahlgren took over for Gehrig and hit a double and homer in the game.

July 4, 1939 -"Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day" is held at Yankee Stadium. His uniform number"4" is the first major league and Yankee baseball number to be retired.

May 15, 1941 -Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak begins with a single off Edgar Smith in a 13-1 loss vs. Chicago at Yankee Stadium.

June 2, 1941 -Lou Gehrig dies of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. He was only 37.

July 17, 1941 - Joe DiMaggio's consecutive -game hitting streak ends at 56. Joe went 0-3 against the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland. DiMaggio was robbed twice in that game by third baseman, Ken Keltner.

January 25, 1945 - Dan Topping, Del Webb and Larry MacPhail purchase the Yankees for $2,800,000 from the estate of the late Col. Jacob Ruppert.

May 28, 1946 -The first night game is played at Yankee Stadium. Yanks lose to Washington 2-1 in front of 49,917 fans.

June 13, 1948 - Babe Ruth's uniform number (3) is retired. This was the 25th Anniversary of Yankee Stadium, and it was the last appearance of Ruth at the Stadium.

August 16, 1948 -Babe Ruth dies of throat cancer. He was 53.

October 12, 1948 - Casey Stengel is named new Yankee manager. He replaced Bucky Harris.

April 17, 1951 - Mickey Mantle makes his Major League debut at Yankee Stadium. Mantle goes 1-for-4 in the game.

September 28, 1951 - Allie Reynolds throws his second no-hitter of the season. Earlier in the year he pitched a no-hitter in Cleveland; and his second was against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

December 12, 1951 - Joe DiMaggio retires.

April 17, 1953 - Mickey Mantle hits a 565-foot homer at Washington's Griffith Stadium. The pitcher was Chuck Stobbs.

October 5, 1953 - The New York Yankees win their fifth consecutive World Championship.

October 8, 1956 - Don Larsen pitches the only perfect game in World Series history. The Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers at Yankee Stadium, 2-0.

October 1, 1961 - Roger Maris hits his 61st home run  against Boston's Tracy Stallard, in the Yankees last game of the regular season.

November 2, 1964 -CBS purchases 80% of the Yankees for $11,200,000.

June 8, 1969 - "Mickey Mantle Day" at Yankee Stadium.  Mickey's uniform (#7) was retired.

January 3, 1973 - A group led by Mr. George Steinbrenner III buys the Yankees from CBS.

April 6, 1974 - Yankees begin the first of two seasons at Shea Stadium as Yankee Stadium undergoes renovations.

December 31, 1974 - The Yankees sign Jim "Catfish" Hunter to a five-year contract.

August 1, 1975 - Billy Martin becomes Yankee manager. He replaced Bill Virdon.

April 15, 1976 - Remodeled Yankee Stadium opens. The Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins 11-4. Rudy May throw the first pitch in the "new" Stadium, and the Twins' Dan Ford hit the first homer.

October 14, 1976 - Chris Chambliss' ninth-inning homer off Mark Littell in Game 5 of the ALCS wins the pennant for the Yankees. It was the Yankees 30th American League Pennant and first since 1964.

November 29, 1976 - Yankees sign Reggie Jackson to a five-year contract.

October 18, 1977 - Reggie Jackson hits three home runs in Game 6 of the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Yankee Stadium. Yankees win first world championship since 1962.

June 17, 1978 - Ron Guidry strikes out 18 California batters at Yankee Stadium to established a  franchise record. Yankees win game, 4-0.

July 24, 1978 - Billy Martin resigns as manager and is replace by Bob Lemon.

July 29, 1978 - On Old Timer's Day, the Yankees announce that Billy Martin will return to manage the Yankee in 1980.

October 2, 1978 - The Yankees, who were 14 games behind the Boston Red Sox at one point  during the season, defeat the Sox 5-4 in a one game playoff at Fenway Park. Bucky Dent hit a dramatic homer in the seventh for the Yankees which gave them the lead.

June 18, 1979 - Billy Martin replaces Bob Lemon as Yankee manager.

August 2, 1979 - Yankee Captain, Thurman Munson, dies in a plane crash in Canton, Ohio. Munson was 32. The Yankees retired his number (15) immediately. 

December 15, 1980 - Yankees sign Dave Winfield to a 10-year contract.

July 4, 1983 - Dave Righetti pitches a no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.  It was the sixth regular season no-hitter in franchise history and first since 1951. The Yankees beat the Sox, 4-0.

December 14, 1985 - Roger Maris dies at the age of 51.

July 18, 1987 - Don Mattingly homers off Texas' Jose Guzman to tie Dale Long's Major League record of hitting a home run in eight  consecutive games.

September 29, 1987 - Don Mattingly hits a grand slam off  Boston's Bruce Hurst, setting a Major League record with six grand slams in a season.

December 25, 1989 - Billy Martin dies in an automobile accident . Martin was 61.

August 14, 1993 - "Reggie Jackson Day" at Yankee Stadium. Reggie's uniform number (44) is retired.

September 4, 1993 - Jim Abbott pitches a 4-0 no-hitter over the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium.

August 13, 1995 - Mickey Mantle dies of cancer at the age of 63.

May 14, 1996 - Doc Gooden throws a no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners at Yankee Stadium. Yankees win game, 2-0.

June 16, 1996 - Mel Allen, the "Voice of the Yankees" dies at the age of 83.

August 25, 1996 - Yankees unveil a monument in honor of Mickey Mantle.

January 22, 1997 -Don Mattingly retires.

May 17, 1998 - David Wells throws a perfect game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium. It was  the 14th regular season perfect game in major league history.

October 21, 1998 -The Yankees complete an incredible season with a four-game sweep over the San Diego Padres in the world series. The Yankees captured their 24th World Championship and ended up with a record of 125-50.

March 8, 1999 - Joe DiMaggio dies at the age of 84.

April 25, 1999 - A monument in honor of Joe DiMaggio is unveiled at Yankee Stadium.

July 18, 1999 - David Cone throws a perfect game against the Montreal Expos. It was the 15th regular season perfect game. Cone did it on "Yogi Berra Day". Don Larsen (who pitched a perfect game in the world series) throw out the first ball.

September 9, 1999 - Jim "Catfish" Hunter dies at the age of 53.

October 27, 1999 - The Yankees play Baseball's last game of the century and complete a four-game sweep of the Atlanta Braves in the world series.  For the Yankees, it was their 25th World Championship.

October 26, 2000 - The Yankees win their third consecutive World Championship with a five-game triumph over the New York Mets in the first "Subway Series" since 1956. It was the Yankees 26th World Championship.

October 22, 2001 - The New York Yankees win their record 38th American League Pennant and fourth in a row.

November 1, 2001 - In Game 5 of the World Series against Arizona at Yankee Stadium, Alfonso Soriano's game-winning, 10th inning single gives the Yankees their second come-from-behind win. With game-tying two-run homers by Tino Martinez(Game 4) and Scott Brosius (Game 5), the Yankees became the first team in World Series history to win two games in the same series when trailing by at least two runs in the ninth inning.

May 17th, 2002 - Jason Giambi becomes only the 21'st  player -- and second Yankee - to hit a walk-off grand slam with his team trailing by three runs. Babe Ruth (September 24th, 1925) was the other Yankee. Giambi's slam gave the Yankees a 13-12 win over the Minnesota Twins.

October 16th, 2003 - Aaron Boone becomes on the fifth player -- and second Yankee -- to end a post season with a walk-off home run. His solo shot in the bottom of the 11th inning gave the Yankees a 6 to 5 victory over the Boston Red Sox and it also won the Yankees their 39th American League Pennant.





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