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  Someone Is Missing From Monument Park

#49 Ron Guidry



#49 Is Retired


The list of retired numbers at Yankee Stadium reads like a who's who in baseball greatness. Along the left-center field wall, generations of immortals are linked, as fans of all ages can marvel at the great Yankees of the past. While the retired numbers and Monument Park will give any Yankee fan goose bumps, one person is missing from the honored group.  That person is "Louisiana Lightning", Ron Guidry.

During his fourteen-year tenure as a Yankee, Ron Guidry compiled a 170-91 record. That equates to a .651 winning percentage. The slim lefthander turned in a 3.29 lifetime ERA. while striking out 1,778 hitters. The "Rajun' Cagin'" also tossed 26 career shutouts while winning at least 20 games three times in his career. Guidry's World Series stats are just as impressive as his regular season numbers. Ron's "Fall Classic" record was 3-1 with a 1.69 ERA. While his statistics alone should put #49 on that wall of greatness, Ron Guidry's competitive attitude and his willingness to do anything for the Yankees should make him a welcomed addition to Monument Park.

After having pitched a fabulous 1978 regular season, Guidry, on three days rest, pitched the one game playoff at Fenway Park against the Red Sox for the Eastern Division title. As a fan, I will never forget the effort a tired Ron Guidry gave the Yankees that day. He didn't have his best stuff but still found a way to leave with the lead and consequently--a win--in one of the New York Yankees biggest games ever.

In 1979, Guidry showed the world just what kind of special person he was. When Rich Gossage got injured in a fight with teammate Cliff Johnson, Ron volunteered to replace the "Goose" in the Yankee bullpen. Imagine, this superstar was putting the team ahead of himself.  A class act as usual.

Ron Guidry was that type of player--always putting the team first. Make no mistake about it, "Louisiana Lightning" was responsible for two New York Yankee World Championships. That, coupled with his stellar record and great Yankee devotion, should put his #49 where it belongs-- in Monument Park. Let's finally honor and thank this classy Yankee the right way. Retire #49--he deserves it.





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