New York Yankees



Remember When? A Look Back At The Yankees



Opening Day, 1923

Would You Just Look At That Traffic! 

How About The Price Of That Ticket? $1.10




Check Out Joe DiMaggio's Number (9) In 1936



Lon Keller Designed This Logo In 1947

Of Course, It's Still Being Used

Lon's Son Has A Site With His Father's Work, Click Here And Check It Out







The "Heart" Of  The Powerful 1960 New York Yankees

Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, and "Moose" Skowron



Turnover Even Back Then

Only 5 Yankees Who Played On The 1958 World Championship Team

Were Still With The Team Six Years Later



The Beginning Of The "Lean" Years(1965)

On The Far Left Is Horace Clarke Who Unfortunately Is Remembered 

For Being On Lousy Yankee Teams



#1 Pick In The 1967 Draft

Ron Bloomberg




Even In 1965, There Were "Attractions"

Again, Notice The Price For A Box Seat At The Stadium!



In 1966, We Were Introduced To Two "New" Yankees



Thurman Started The 1970 Season With A 1-For 30 Slump

That's Why You Don't Boo Guys Who Get Off To Slow Starts




I Always Tried To Win This Bullpen Car




Yankee Stadium In 1967



Mr. Steinbrenner Starts Shaking Things Up In 1973



In The Late 60's And Early 70's "Bat Day" Was A Bright Spot

During Some Very Tough Seasons



There Have Always Been "Pitchman" In Baseball...




While The Yanks Played At Shea In 1974 and 1975

Yankee Stadium Was Being Renovated

That's Garage 8 To The Right Of The Stadium












Opening Day, 1976, Mrs. Lou Gehrig(l) and Mrs. Babe Ruth




"Lou, Lou, La!



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